Slit Lamps

SL9800  |  SL9900  |  SL9900 ELITE

CSO slit lamps are engineered to the highest European quality standards and come equipped with LED illumination. Ergonomic design, high quality optics and precision mechanical parts provides the user with an unparelled experience while conducting a slit lamp examination.

LED Light Source

LED illumination provides comfort to the patient during the examination due to the lack of heat. Image colour temperature is maintained at all illumination levels. Our LED technology has an estimated life of 50000 hours of continuous use, you will never need to replace a light bulb again.

Features of Phoenix Software

Slit Lamp uses the Phoenix software application allowing patient data to be saved for future review and analysis, shared by all CSO devices.

Microscope 2x

A converging microscope with 10x and 16x magnifications is also available for the SL9800 and SL9900.

Dry Eye Report

Based on the Ocular Surface Disease Index questionnaire (OSDI), limbal and conjunctival hyperaemia, Meibomian glands analysis, tear meniscus analysis, NIBUT, and tear osmolarity, calculated merging together all partial scores, provides an owerall evaluation of the clinical condition of the patient for a comprehesive diagnosis of the dry eye disease.

Digital Video Camera* (Optional)

All CSO slit lamps can be equipped with the CSO Digital Vision HR camera. This high performance camera can capture and record the smallest details, while conducting a slit lamp examination. When connected to the Phoenix patient management software, it is possible to store high quality images or video for further review. * (not compatible with 2X microscope)

Microscope 3x | 5x zoom

Converging microscope optics provides comfort to the user when using the slit lamp. All the microscopes have a yellow filter to improve the image quality during fluorescein tests.

Polaris (Optional)

Advanced analysis of the tear film Polaris enables the user to evaluate the stability and quality of the tear film through the measurement of the non invasive break up time. Polaris integrates with the Phoenix software system so the patient data can be recorded for later review.

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